Looking for Lennon

In this lovely documentary we are presented a deep and honest dive onto the early years and formation of John Lennon, and the events and tragedies that shaped his character and music.

(2018/93 mins) d. Roger Appleton

John Lennon founded The Beatles, led the band through the Beatlemania era, and then rapidly transformed himself from a pop star into a passionate and vocal global citizen, championing world peace, social justice and the brotherhood of mankind. But how did he become such an enigmatic person? Looking for Lennon, offers a front row seat into the many formative chapters of his childhood, adolescence and early manhood. It presents a wealth of new and original footage and interviews with his family and friends, his neighborhood and his Liverpool coming-of-age. Along the way we witness the emergence of his rambunctious personality, musical talent, and creative exploits, all of which presage his later tumultuous post- Fab Four career highlights.